Why Nylon Cable Tie Easily Broken?

Why Nylon Cable Tie Easily Broken?

1, Cause each size of cable tie has it’s own limit tension, different sizes with different tensions. Usually, the narrow easily break than the wide sizes. That’s the normal phenomenon.

2, For the storage, nylon cable ties must be put in the constant temperature place. Below the mat board, increase the humidity of the warehouse air. Absolutely cannot be placed in a single layer of metal room, because the temperature of the metal room is relatively high, especially after the summer sun drying, will lost most of moisture, its performance will change. And the tensile strength will be reduced, so easily break.

3, Under the high temperature conditions, nylon cable ties will turn to yellow and fracture in soon. Should be add some water usually. Can spray with a certain amount of water,also in the use of the time if only take part of it, then the rest of the part must wrap it, do not directly exposed to the outside, often by the wind will lead to water loss, thus speeding up the crisp speed.

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