Cable Ties Standard Sizes VS Non-Standard Sizes

Cable Ties: Standard VS Non-Standard 

For a long time, the non-standard cable ties impact and continue disrupt the normal market. The Non-standard products created by the commercial economy and the non-professional purchasing.
Another hand, the supplier only point to meet the customer's target price and no matter the quality with exact sizes. Such as the sizes as: 3*100, the actual standard size is:2.5*100. 
But at present, there are so many sizes as:2.2*100, 2.0*100, 1.9*100,even 1.6*100, and these sizes all marked on label as:3*100 or 2.5*100.
That's ridiculous---only for reduce the cost to meet customer.
The national standard generally refers to the industry standard. Usually the professional customers can know the exact sizes, the length no problem , but the width.
Although the materials used by different manufacturers are different, but overall, each manufacturer for the national standard materials generally stable, so as to ensure the cable ties quality.
Non-standard cable tie is different, the sizes deviation of dimension and the material is very unstable. They only ensure the products is cable tie, never attention the quality, such as the tension, color,bubbles and so on. Because manufacturers aimed at reducing the cost, to take advantage of the price, low dumping, the use of the field is not high enough for the occasion, but the long-term stability of protection will gradually greatly attenuated.

At last, we suggest all the customers choose the standard not non-standard.


The cost of this paper aircraft material is $100.00
Include the manual fee, I sell $101.00
You said $99.00 for someone else's quotation
I don't know the materials for $99.00 will be fake or real.
But if it's true, do you think he'll sell it?

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