Raw material information

2017 - February
Raw material price information

Evonik, DuPont, SABIC, Radici, RTP, DSM, Solvay, EMS, BASF and Polyplastics have raised the price
  • Evonik
Germany Evonik polymers headquarters announced on February 7th that as production costs continued to rise, the group of nylon 12 products will rise by about 6% in the range of the contract allows.
  • DuPont
In February 3rd, DuPont high performance materials division announced in the global scope of the business to increase the price of nylon, rose 3000/mt, the new price will take effect from February 15, 2017.
  • RTP
From February 10th onwards, the price of RTP products, 1 tons will be increased by more than 8%, more than one ton will increase by 5%.
Since February 13, 2017, SABIC raised LexanTMresins products 2500/mt, LexanTM COPLYMER resins, NORYLTMresins 3000/mt, CYCOLOYTM, CYCOLACTM, GELOYTM up to 2000/mt, etc.. Price adjustment in February 13th.
  • Radici
From February 1st onwards, the odd odd PA66, PA6, PP and other engineering plastics increased by 3000/mt, 2000/mt,2000/mt.

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